Welcome to BodyWise Integrative Massage and Cranial Sacral Therapy!

My name is Alamea Erickson and I am the owner of BodyWise.

I believe that the human body is greater than the sum of its parts, and that it knows how to heal and achieve balance and freedom. For years I suffered chronic back pain due to scoliosis from infancy. Thanks to my own journey with massage and bodywork I am pain free.

Receiving bodywork allows us to melt away the stresses of life, deepen awareness and communication with the body, develop positive and affirming relationships with touch, and heal body, mind and spirit on a deeper level.

My goal is to empower others to take charge of their health by learning to listen to our bodies. Start a conversation with your body today!

Conveniently located by the Littleton Light Rail Station!

My massage studio is located in the Sycamore Hill Office Building on the corner of S Prince St and W Lake Ave. Turn into the driveway on the north side of W Lake Ave.

There’s lots of parking in the far end of the lot, look for the Center 4 Living Well signs.

Access Your Body’s Wisdom!

Your massage should be as unique as you are, Alamea will tailor your session to fit your exact needs!

Here’s a list of some the options to help your body heal and relax

Integrative Therapeutic Massage means combining different massage styles and techniques to create a session that is uniquely tailored to addresses the specific needs of each individual. To learn about some of the modalities which I specialize in– read on!

Cranial Sacral Therapy is a gentle, non-invasive technique which works directly with the structures which surround and protect the central nervous system, enabling the entire body to relax and self correct. To learn more click here!

Reflexology is the ancient art of helping the body heal itself by manipulating points on the feet. It can be used to address specific concerns, reduce pain, promote relaxation, and maintain health and well being. To learn more click here!

Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a gentle technique which stimulates the lymphatic system. This helps the body remove excess fluids and is extremely detoxifying. It can stimulate the immune system and has been known to induce a deeply relaxed and meditative state. To learn more click here!

Neuromuscular Massage Therapy is a specific and sometimes intense style of massage which targets specific muscles in order to achieve less pain and more freedom in the body. Great for injuries (old and new), chronic pain, stiffness, and reduced range of motion. To learn more click here!

Myofascial Release means working with the connective tissue (called fascia) to give more space and freedom to the entire body system. Myofascial release creates openness and reduces tension in ways that cannot be achieved when we only address the muscles. To learn

Access Consciousness Bars is a gentle hands-on energy modality. We address 32 points on the head which correlate to different areas and aspects of life to release the electromagnetic charge of all thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions, and beliefs that may be limiting you! To learn more click here!

CBD Avaliable! Add organic full spectrum CBD oil to any session and allow the natural relaxing properties of this healing plant to give your session an extra boost. To learn more click here!

Aromatherapy is complimentary with any session unless you prefer otherwise. Allow the healing powers of plant medicine to enhance your session, relaxing and rejuvinating mind, body, and spirit. To learn more click here.